Designed Pour Vous

Creating custom jewelry is not just a business to us. As artists we aim for excellence and break boundaries. Unique ideas with jaw dropping quality is truly our specialty.

Our process in doing so has been tirelessly engineered towards the upmost convenience for you. We wanted this experience to be as seemless and fun as possible. It has easily been broken down step by step as to what you can expect.


STEP ONE: Your Vision

When you have completed the initial deposit we will begin with a conversation about the inspiration behind the custom piece. We want to know your vision. Something unique that can only come from you. With this we will be able to craft a piece that will be able to tell that story. Stunning detail and glistening quality will do the talking for you.


STEP TWO: 3D Design

After developing the vision for design, the concept will go to our technical artists. They will simply create a digital 3D model for your piece. These renderings will provide you with a more-so concrete depiction of your soon to be jewelry. Only after you are truly satisfied and your approval will the 3D design be used for the final step.

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With your final approval, the crafting process will begin with a wax model. Based off of the 3D desgin, the wax model will allow our craftsmen to work their magic. The precious metals you have selected for your piece will unify and become one with your desgin. After carefull completetion the reult is the creation of something truly original. Designed Pour Vous (For You).

A wearable piece of art that will last a lifetime. We know full heartedly, you and your vision will be none other than satisfied.


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